Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Random Surf

(Ballet Mechanique)

Random thoughts brought about by some light surfing of the net...
There's a lady making plastic fish out of recycled bottles....a must have.
A wonderful urban substitute for a pet.
I do not have a pet...and if I had a pet, it would have to be something
that didn't cause a mess or needing feeding or walking...
As really, I'm too busy for pets. My pet phase ended
with the death of Fluffy.
Also.....I do not have pink leopard fur on my bedroom ceiling
Nor do I have it as a backdrop for my webpage.
Pink leopard fur is the reserve of teens and overage should only be at home as a cover for Madonna's toilet seat
or a trendy handbag if you are under sixteen--a present from Mum for
recovering from a mild drug habit or coming back home after running away for three days.
I do have a pot of rotting tiramisu in the fridge....well did...
Ofcourse I'm not the type to let tiramisu rot knowingly.
Oh how exciting an earthquake in Leicester.
How exciting for Leicester.
I'm so sorry I wasn't shaken...
I have yet to experience a natural disaster other than my own life.
Did you feel the earth move last night?
I didn't.
I suppose the building I inhabit is just too brick
Or perhaps I sleep too soundly.

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