Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Your Caveman

(Paulo Ricardo & Renato Russo--A Cruz e A Espada)

She has gone
Under a cloud of conventional wisdom shouted like thunder
It rains as she smiles and waves goodbye...starboard.
The pinkish yellow curve of the rooftop
Catches some momentary sunlight
The horns of cruise ships
Tooting as they leave for Tunisia or Corsica.
Marseille again?
Maybe Barcelona this summer.
Let's just throw a dart at the map.
Any hint of homesickness completely abolished for now.
Theory wise enough for the parenting classrooms of the 1960's
If they had such a thing.
But parenting classes came into fashion about the same time as...
Wheat allergies, attention deficit disorder, and low carb diets.
The books on how your toddler is essentially a caveman...
She forgets.
But there is nothing to forget as she never had boys.

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