Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Another alphabet.

(Ballet Mechanique--Leger II piano)

A is for a new interest in Argentinian Accordians
B is for bumble bees and the brimming beams of children's smiles... Joseph Blatter's secretary who says he's not in...and eventually, The Bosphorus.
C --cloudbanks moving southwesterly at several knots. and tiny planes that stay the course. Conferences in Istanbul....the cautious wording of documents.
D is for "Dear" when writing a letter.... and "do it later" or "ditch it" when not.
E is for Elephant and Castle...such a pretty image on paper. Embassy appointments requiring lots of paper.
F is for Fajitas and frijoles with rice....and the frills of sun umbrellas that ripple on the shoreline. ......also February, when one is concentrated on enduring the last phases of winter.
G is for the ghosts of guests that come and go like gusts of wind.... and grandma's gout.
H is for hello hellidays, buon giorno, bonjour and bad hair days.
I is for Islington's markets and the inlets on Rabbit Island.
J is for Juice bar and tiny cups of wheatgrass.
K is for kismet running across the park.
L is for lopsided liasons and lack lustre furniture with promise, the lovely Polish couple who have parted ways, the long lost lovers of yesterdays, and the cheeseman in Leather Lane.
M is for Madame Depoloux who loves my china and the mortician of mock devotion
N is for nobody and the Nobody Inn. And never eat the subway breakfast sub...vile with a capital V.
O is for overstuffed chairs and overstuffed teddy who has one eye missing.
P is for pears soaked in Pimms and people who put commas in the wrong places....and the peeling painted doors on the fragile hinges of the weaver's hotel in San Cristobel Del Las Casas.
Q is for Queensgate, Holly's new school where "lavatory" replaces "toilet" and Lady Camilla replaces Diana.
R is for Rosary and repungent re-heated pre-packaged egg that looks like food but is not.
S is for Syonara lizard-heart. S is also for seventy-year olds who think they are thirty.... so long to sorry situations. S is basically, for sanity.
T is for Tuesday afternoon concerts in the chapel and Thursdays in the sauna with the chaps.
U is for the undertaker of the used-uppees and the used-uppers
V is for very close and very close shave
W is for water....all sorts, bottled, fizzy, still, mineral, spring, tap, etc.
X is for ex-'s who get filed under x so it 's easy to find
Y is for Yann Proppe the philosopher from Iceland and Yarrow stalk picking with Running Grass.
Z is for Zebra crossings and zebras crossing at their own pace in Zanzibar. But do they have zebras in Zanzibar? It's just too far.

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