Saturday, 5 February 2011

Wooty the Bunny

Neville had a little bunny called Wooty. Wooty was so fluffy with big loppy ears. He was a lovely thing to cuddle. He enjoyed carrots and pellets and nibbled at his bottle which was always full of water. Neville took care to give him fresh food and water daily.    He shredded nude magazines and newspapers for Wooty to wee on. His father was concerned about his diminishing collection. The wife or the maid....someone had found it. If only he had spent more time with his son. Neville bought Wooty treats with his pocket money and taught Wooty tricks. How to ride. He tied him into the bike basket, but he jumped out. He put him in a shoebox and attached a string to his seat post. Wooty bumped along the tarmac until the cardboard wore out. Come evening, he'd share a bedtime story with him after his bath. His mother did not let them bathe together. He opened the box of food colour and took out the green and purple. Wooty became punk bunny after a few drips. It took more than a year to grow out. 

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