Sunday, 27 February 2011


Slightly fed up. A little achievement today getting in touch with the woman who witnessed Tony's bus accident back in August. He doesn't even remember the month. It was August 26th. Amazing for all the things he does for his son, his son doesn't lift a bleeding finger to help him at all. So on with the case. The witness works in health and safety, so she is particularly interested in helping with her statement.
Sent something to Running Grass a few days ago. He should get it within the week.
Yesterday was enjoyable. We really got out of the neighborhood visiting Veronique. I suppose she lost it with her neighbor to the point of being taken away. Perhaps too much thiroxin. Everyone in the common area looked in limbo between sonic stare mode and pre-drool stage. Drugged up. Veronique was the only person who seemed to have her senses about her. I wonder how long it takes. She is either out on Thursday or in for a minimum of 28 days. Not completely sane as she has her habit of carrying her more importatn possessions in her rucksack when she leaves the house. I always thought that she had just been shopping, but when she explained that her neighbor would come in and change the alarm on her clock, I was alerted. Otherwise, she functions quite well and goes out four or five times a week to cultural events.

Ben can easily do eight or ten miles on the bike. We were out for eight hours. It wasn't perfect weather, but definitely a nice adventure. Now the rain has stopped, we may unplug the Spy who shagged me and get on with something better. Sometimes it is like having a huge barnacle on your foot trying to drag a six year old out of the house. A joy and a weight at the same time. At least lets get down to the river.

We did get down to the river. It was cold without my wool jacket underneath. Ben had gloves on this time. We saw some skateboarders and then went to two beaches to pick up some shells and pottery pieces. A man had carved a woman's face in the sand. We chatted with him. Ben told him about Veronique. We had a healthy discussion about it. Had to laugh a bit about it. But I know Veronique's laughing too. We ran into Chris and Carlos on our way back on the bridge. Who are these nutters out at night? Loving the fridge. Now everything is falling back into place. Took a while. My eyesight is going. I changed screens and it helped for a while, but it's back again. fuzzyness and hard to focus. Worrying. 

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