Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lucky Pants

He meant to close the door gently and catch her off guard, but the wind caught it and slammed it for him. Perhaps a little slamming was in order. It hadn't been his best day. No matter what, his calm was always the last thing to go. He was a lean muscular man. Not a gym zombie. The enormous way he lived made him robust. It was Tuesday. The kitchen looked immaculate. She'd be up in the bedroom if she was still here. A fine place to find her. There was dust on the coffee table. She needed to do a better job in the living room. He needed a discussion.

She had bent over a little too far for his liking the last time she cleaned his coffee table. It was rude to speak with her back to him and even ruder to bend over. Her manners needed to be addressed.....or undressed. "Don't bend and converse," he thought as he admired her ass from the top of his paper. "Anything interesting?" she asked as she circled the table with studious swirls. He hadn't read a word. Her skirt was riding up. She needed a more suitable uniform. Were they nylons or stockings?

He meant to help her with her skirt and pull it down, but he accidentally pulled her stockings down instead. He felt her wet clit with the back of the back of his hand then his fingers. As he had suspected, she was in need. Her hips began to rock side to side as she clenched him with studious swirls. His bite slid down her neck as she licked his fingers clean like a kitty. She clung to the oval glass as he fucked her over the table. There was not a thread left of her by the end of the discussion.

"You're making a mess you know. Get down and clean it up."  She looked at him then the floor then realized he was being metaphorical. What a clever man. "I love clever men," she thought as she licked him like a puppy kneeling on the white carpet she had yet to hoover. "Messy girl I am," she thought, but she couldn't think. They straightened the sofa pillows a few hours later. She had added the extra hours to his bill accidentally. Unintentional overtime.  The nerve. This he didn't question but found highly questionable. Hadn't they both enjoyed it? He had been brutal. She had sucked him better than any 1 900 bimbo ever could. It was such sincere service. He replayed it as he washed her lipstick off.

She heard the door. She put her rag down and moved to the bathroom to check her make up. She preferred to leave notes for him since the living room episode. Yes. She had enjoyed it, but she didn't want him to think that was normal procedure. He might not know what a lucky pants he was. 3:30. He was home early. Must have something to discuss. 

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