Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Severely Handy

She put in for repair; bench to fix
"I am severely handy," thought the jailer.
He stretched like a bear and examined his paws.

If you've got to know the jailer
Comes once more
To fix her bench
He pauses with his key the only one that fits
Her door. He bolts and throws her
On his tethered tainted floor
silent as cement
What we hesitate for
the secret nod before the brawl
Head locked in a drink
that lingers to a gentle stare
The bench, it creaks.
She bends and holds it there.
His ample apprentice...serviceable indeed.
He mends the daylights out of her
Reducing her creaks
to deafening whimpers
and her sentence to life.

wanton woman inching by
nonchalent and crippled cry
Caw as the crow flies
leaving trails behind
to fields of snow
with hidden twigs
and flowers out of season
up to the ears in nectar.

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