Friday, 4 February 2011

I am not a Diptych

First fry up of the new year at Witherspoons which I tend to think has the best breakfast in the area chain or not. I was trying to think how to explain how to get there to Sy and his wife as they will come in April. I am compiling a list of restaurants etc for them now. They should also see that pub on High Holborn that has the barrels in the ceiling and pew like benches.  Hashbrowns and black pudding hello. Post some keys to them in New York today if I do anything. The check has cleared.

Gareth in the shop. House a mess. Too many clothes. Health and safety hell. Visitor from Israel coming on the 15th. I suppose it will have to be tidy by then. Need new battery for cordless phone. Ciaran has suddenly remembered that he'd bought a painting off me some time last year and then never came and picked it up. I really think it's been a year or more. Well, I've sold it in the meantime to someone Anthony from Italy who comes here twice a month. He came and left with a painting. It was rather a spontaneous purchase.

I hope Ciaran doesn't remember exactly what it looked like as I'll have to make another one. He will swing by in a few weeks' time unless he forgets again. I thought he didn't want the painting anymore as I didn't want to sleep with him. It's hard having a picture on your wall made by someone who won't fuck you. It, I think, would be a reminder of sterility rather than virility. But, he still has the empty space and the painting stands alone as rather fine with or without the artist. I am not a diptych. I hope he doesn't have the jpg still. I keep putting off the boring stuff. fridge, phone, carpet underlay. Ben was off school vomiting yesterday. He doesn't eat enough. 

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