Friday, 18 February 2011

Devotion to Motion

Devotion to motion
Clean as the salt in the ocean

South Sea Skate Park
Drink Orally. Think Globally.
Manual, Endo, Whiplash, Tail Whip
I tattooed his name on my arm.
That ain't nothin'
I tattooed his name on my....
On your what? Ooh. Out of space.
Topless Housecleaning
Playboy Bunny Hop
Nose Pick, Nose Plant
Deffo Dude
Wooty Woot Woot
Chad De Groot
Sunny Day 4 sick moves and a
Turbine Peg wheelie to
Reverse Sunwheel
Mark Webb recipe:
60% tats, 20% skin, 5% lager, 3% Missing parts, 22% Lucky lady bird
Salted Monkey Gonads
Effraim Catlow Jungle Rider Frames

Stripey cup design

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