Thursday, 10 February 2011

Drink Me

Idyllic day painting....cutting up some floral paper into a checkerboard design. Big collage.

Thinking of a new cup series inspired by the lady downstairs.....Most annoying neighbor of the year. The deluxe version would use a special lead base paint that seeps slowly, cup by cup, into the award victim. Drink me.

Another one...You bring out the bunny boiler in me...a favorite valentines gift.
You bring out the psychopath in me. A best seller and a useful tactic in board meetings.
Alphabet cup but with nasty words as opposed to nice words.
Asshole Bitch Bastard Cunt Craphead Deadman.. no.

Kitchen tool series...forks, spatulas, pots, graters. Tool box series...hammers, nails, pliers, wrenches. good idea. Sailing ship series...anchors, ropes, sextant, compass, sails. Bike series-wheels, gears, chains....manual, endo, hang five, bunny hop, footjam, tail whip, nose picking deffo dude, dialled, sick moves, nose plant, whip lash, cross bar, turbine peg wheelie, bar spin.

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