Monday, 26 November 2007

Thoughts of Water

We are the Society for the Positive Healing Powers of Water.
Our current motto is "Think When You Flush"
As we are also concerned with conservation.
Last year, our motto was "Think Before You Flush"
But we have changed this to emphasize the importance of water itself
Because you would be flushing and not thinking about the water
While you were flushing it away. That's just too sad.
In fact, the first thing on our agenda tonight
Is to decide if we should change our motto yet
"Think Before, During, and After You Flush."
The pros of this are that is even more specific
To what we want to achieve.
The negative side is that it may be asking too much.
And may take up too much time.
And we may be inundated with calls...for example
How long before and how long after do you have to think about the flushing?
How hard do you have to concentrate?
Can you read a book while doing this?
Of course, once we have decided on the exact timing of these imperatives,
We will post it in the FYI and FAQ of our website.

The topic for this evening's discussion is:
Say Kind Things to Water and It will Change your Life...
By Author....Wilma Tedworth.

1 comment:

Stephen Randall said...

I wasn't quite sure whether this is meant to be read as a satirical piece or to be taken more seriously. Nevertheless, it is thought provoking; I'll be more mindful the next time I see clear water gushing around the bowl for no reason. It'll bring on a chuckle and a suggestion to the Society to keep their phone off the hook, or to leave an automated message about the length of thinking time required before and after a flush.