Saturday, 24 November 2007

broken smarties

Sinking Cruise Ship Rescue Drama
Involves laughter with a stranger:

What are you doing later?
Oh God. You have nothing to do do you?
(both laugh)
Well. I'm not going to Tesco to buy chicken for my mama .
And then take it home and fry it up.
Or did you bake it?

No I'm going to the body shop to get face creams....
It's alright to shop for face creams if you are a man
But it's not alright if you fore go a lunch invitation
to do so.

Ben looked at the photo and said,
"You broke my smarties."
Then he looked at me and asked,
"Your smarties are broken.
Have you ever broken smarties?"
...really said that. just like that. Smart boy.

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