Friday, 2 November 2007


N: Harry. Get the bottle.
H: Which bottle?
N: Good question.
Bring them all.
H: I can't carry all that.

N: Well it's BYOB tonight.
So I'd BOYB if I were you.
Be on your best behaviour--
And that means bring 'em all...
Even if you have to use the shopping trolley.

H: The shoppin' trolley? Honey--we tramp enough as it is
Without pushin' a shoppin' trolley down the street.
People'l think we got no where to live.

N: If they see us and they know us,
Then they know where we live....and how....
How fine it is.
And if they see us and they don't know us...
Then they don't live in this neighborhood...
They should be home by now.
Tuckin' away their wallets.
And what matter is it to them:
Where we live, how we live, or if we live at all?

H: Oh, you're so smart Norma....
Sometimes, I think you snuck out to night school
And got a college education
When I wasn't lookin'.

N: Well, when you weren't lookin',
.....I did sneek out....
But I didn't get no diploma....
Interestin' course though.

H: Norma. Are you tellin' me somethin'
I don't want to know? I don't want to know
Your innermost secrets.
I don't even wanna know your panty size.

N: Can't you take a wild guess?

H: Wild? Yes. I ain't thinkin' of numbers when I....

N: When you what? Lookin' for my Christmas gift?
I told you which panties I wanted.
I even told you which store they in.
Hell, I got a better chance with Santa.
Or maybe I'll just get one of his helpers.

H:Yeah. Just get on the speed dial and remind.
Bet he got that number tattooed on his head.

N: Well don't your imagination fly when it has to.

H: Ain't no imagination.
I've been sleepin' with my ears open.

N: Have you now? Shouldda told me.
Half the conversation was drowned out
By your snorin'. You even yelled out in your sleep.

H: I know. That was funny wasn't it?

N: Would have been more convincin'
If you weren't shoutin' the name of your own mother.

H: She ain't the only Lorraine.

N: Oh is it? Ya'll shouldn't tell me things I don't wanna know.

H: And don't your imagination fly....

N: Shut up and grow some muscles.
We got a party to go to.

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