Thursday, 8 November 2007

Four Cups second series

Candle Lady has sold

Poem on cup with face:

Long fingered lady
On Lake Geneva
A red-lipped complainer
Lives like a Diva

Looks out the window
"Our boat is too small."
Husband comes home...
"He's really too tall."

Poem on cup with mouse upside-down and framed cat face:

If you are bothered by furry pests...
I am Alex the cat. In me, you must invest.
I'll give your mouse traps a rest..
As at hunting, I am the best.

Large cup with hearts on-no text.
Brown, purple bands.
Red and brown bands with beige inlay.
Beige and green.
Inlay polk a dots and stripes.
Inside--hearts at bottom in beige
with one red and one green.

One face cup with some stars.
Text---You are a star.

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