Thursday, 1 November 2007

Now in Oz

The balcony the bottle
It's resting on the nozzle
Of the hoover which is trapped
Between the doorway and the mat.

I'll tidy in a few
But a rest is overdue
And some other things to do
Prep the chicken for a stew

Hands that hold tomorrow got a cramp
Partly from the season as it's damp.
Wondering and waiting for replies
A tiny dying cycle---giant sighs

Tomorrow has been dropped from the agenda
The best reply would be return to sender
Better leave alone and leave it out
Than dance between the pleasures and the doubts

Can't trust it anymore
The reasons out they pour
I've got tired of being ignored
I'm too busy. I'm too bored.

If I replay this once again
I will not be my own friend.
Why do they pretend to care
When there's really nothing there?

Why give you satisfaction
Of my passionate reactions
To your teasing little phrases
When your heartbeat isn't phased?

I suppose it brought you idle titillation
Answer's clear but still I close with hesitation
Can't even say exactly what it was
Or where it would have's now in Oz.

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