Saturday, 17 November 2007

Lila in the Sauna

In the voice of Lila the ex-pat Polish Princess...talking to man in the sauna.

I hope you don't mind. I put a whole bucket full of water
On the rocks before you arrived.
So.... it is steamy.
If I would have known you were coming,
I would have left the temperature as it is....
Already quite hot.
My you look so sweaty.
You must not be feeling well.
Do you have a fever?
Here, let me pat your brow.
Oh..I don't have a towel.
I will just use some of
Is that better?
It is a wonder you are so sweaty.
It does not seem that you are exerting yourself.
You are just sitting.....
But perhaps the removal of your ipod
From your ears is exercise enough.
From the look of your muscles,
I think you have been exercising
Already too much.
Some body builders.....
They have cobra brain....
They have exercised so much
That the muscles around their brains
have tightened to the point that
That it is cutting off the oxygen to their
Gray matter.
Ofcourse, when you have this kind of
Muscular body....
Perhaps this other part does not matter.
What do you think?
Can you speak?
Or are you just pretty?
I hope you don't have this disease.

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