Monday, 19 November 2007

It's Better

It's better to be burningly truthful
When you know it's going to burn.

And it's better to hear the truth
When the volume hurts.

It's better to flick ash into a cardboard container
When you know there's water.

It's better to know what you lost at the casino
Even when it's more than you bet.

And it's better to see the mistakes that you made
Even when you didn't know you were making them.

It's better to deflate the pillow of hope
Than to sleep uncertainly

It's better to find those letters
At the bottom of Mt. Vesuvious
And read them again
Flamingos and all.
Before they blow up
Though the ink has run
And the feathers have flown
And say hello.

I think the address was there all the time.
On my internal speedial/filofax....
however it was filed
scrawled on a piece of paper
that might have been
torn off one of your letters.
I just never wrote the letter later.
Even the postcode.
Ha. Even the postcode.
It's been my pincode for years.

And what are you doing later...?
I'm having Manchester United over
For some popcorn.

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