Tuesday, 20 July 2010

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September Bush
Cape Fuschia
Hot Poker
Comfort Heath

A portable suitcase of dieties...thirty for each day of the month.
A white stool weathered and bending
Inlaid Lapis eyes on pre-dynastic figurines
room 64 bone and ivory
Mesopotamian Bulls
Tourists crossing their hearts like mummies posing for family photos
Mudstone Pallette Hippo

I held a two million year old rock today which fit well in my hand.
It was the first tool for smashing bones so that they could eat the marrow and develop
their brains enough to move on and make a tool with and edge. those were basalt and the third one was quartz which is harder to shape.

Shenute Abbot of the White Monaster in Sohag died in 466 AD. Thought you'd like to know.
Nice tablet....the miracle of the delivery of grain in times of shortage.

Shimaoka Tatsuzo....the son of a maker of braided silk chord...made a living treasure in 94 for inlaying rope patterns into his folk style ceramics. like the Jomon period.

Bab Kashio 1927 94 Picture of Asakusa 1990...combining traditional and popular culture.. Souvenirs from Ass a kooo Za.

Some netsuke
A sacred deer and gardener in a grove of trees
The seven gods of fortune making music
demons partying around a sake jar
monkeys playing go
blind men climbing an elephant.

Coptic Christians Egypt Ethiopia 7th c. AD

Nice clocks too.

And six times around Russell Square..ran into Zoe...she said you get back to your low impact jog now. And the tattoo is not a love house...it's a heart temple. And the bum on the bench who usually cheers me on...he was full of rubbish today, but the Swedish courier made up for that. I have dropped some food at the gallery but he does not want any salmon salad or fruity gateau as the cream might get in the carpet. This cake is really going to waste. Let's be careful. I will also have to leave the pre-mixed cocktail and ice cubes made of mint and grapes and juice in the freezer. for another celebration.

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