Sunday, 25 July 2010


People are already clearing out for the holidays. Strangely, we haven't made any plans. There has been too much to keep up with. Yesterday,we went to the Royal Academy of Music near Regents Park in the morning. There, Ben was introduced to some old violins from 1600 and a harpsichord and piano. Nice for them...Adam's Mum invited us. After to Regents Park for a picnic, then to the petting show, then a ride along the canal, a chat with a fisherman who remembers when the horses pulled the barges along, a stop in a park, some fish and chips, got some vines for my trellis from a community park, got asked for my hand in marriage by a guy in the park, rode home, had a few pints at the Perserverance with Roberto, Alice, Paul the Crane who wants a painting for his living room...500...will take a week...he specified pain and the 70's....that's what he wants to see. Just as we were talking abut how tough a boy Ben is, Leo kicked him in the nuts. we had to go home. Paul has another friend worth a mention in a mass portrait...t-shirt Dave...who is now called Jumper he tried to jump from the 12th floor. Tony has, as usual, made a delicious roast lamb dinner this Sunday. Ben played at Kaya's and went to the church playgroup this morning..I had my run around the square.

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