Thursday, 22 July 2010

Demaris in the lockeroom thanked me for humming. In Germany, they call it an ear dream. Toby who works in post production in soho from stafford quoted from today's paper that the members of facebook make up the third largest country in the world. And suggested the portraits to go along that theme....easily done as they are little facebooks in a way. And he also liked the moniker...Ben's mum....a lot more fun that Joanne Morgan...a boring name. Jpanne doesn't even mean anything. My parents were all geared up to call me Zach, but I was girl, so they didn't put much thought into it. Plan to do one fifty hour painting per week...maybe two if I get quicker. Five cat cups to download. Tony must be out shopping for steaks. A meeting at five to chat with Ben's teacher. One more day left.

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