Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Exhausted from the painting all day and most of the night. The text takes a long long time and looking at the faces to decide who they are and what they will say not an e-mail from e-mail to my mother passed on to me. So she has time to research and find an old family friend from New York- and passes on her address so that we can be in communication?Hmm. But she doesn't have time to return her sister's phone calls or ever write an e-mail. Not since x-mas...what a bleeding waste of time. Why was I cursed with this bull dozer of a sibling who has half a cow in her basement freezer she grills up daily. That's it. I'm a cow for mentioning her cow eating and the inch of hazlenut creamer she puts in her coffee each morning which is 60 calories a teaspoon. I do try to get on with her. But she's just so mean that even our high school counselor said there couldn't be two Zoe's in the family. She takes up too much room in every way. She has my paintings all over her house, but she can't return a bleeding phone call. I am in a mind not to see them this x-mas. I'm only Ben's escort anyway. That satisfies them doesn't it...missing Ben..lets see them.
When I try to write to my sister, I feel I am betraying myself as we are such opposites. I should really not worry about it and just wish her an early retirement.

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