Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Paint still drying on the mass portraits--luckily it's watercolor. upcoming group show at Langham Gallery on Lambs Conduit. Opening Tuesday the 20th . Other shows lately, one of two hundred artists in Miniscule at Oblong. Each piece very small dotted around the gallery. Amazing feat to fit in so many different voices and a good opening party.

Max Love. Bushy Park. Counted 25 deer and found three bags of children's books sitting there in the skip with a rust-free hamster cage. A lot to carry home. The issue of a pet- Well. We found a dead mouse on the road and so took that home as a trial. After a day, Ben was over it. We have discussed rabbits--which are docile and somewhat human, dogs..a no, cats...ruin the furniture, snakes are a bore as are birds. Rats apparently are interesting. But for now, Ben is working on collecting stars towards a lop eared rabbit.

Tom visited from Rockford. How nice to walk down the road with an old neighbor and friend. Not somewhere to go back though. It is not the place I remember. Tom's wife, Sue...her former student has killed five people. There is a death by gunshot once a week. And almost all the malls have closed. One has turned completely into a church which offers video sermons for busy people so they can fit the Lord into their schedule.

And Valencia. That was the best holiday which was extended by ten days due to the volcano. Ben and I biked all over the town up and down the river turia- a dry riverbed park with cafes and play things for the kids. A chilled out town which doesn't get as much press as it deserves. The City of Sciences--nice buildings. But buildings are a bore without some good company. Pilar really made us welcome.

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