Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Trellis looks good. Painted with green, silver, and black squares. Added shells, stones, broken ceramics, silk flowers, dried flowers, some toys. Will add real plants to it at some point.

More work on trellis. Now added colored tissue papers, Mexican coins, shillings, a quarter from Kentucky, some old pipes, cuttings from newspapers, old marbled paper for books, a wooden cow and two orange daleks...ha ha haaaa which match the orange silk flowers. Roast chicken with K today. I think I have a sty starting in my left eye. Two days left of school. No holiday plans yet. A deep breath long overdue. Wednesday. 21st Cake has lasted three days...will it last four? Next birthday party---pizzas and a coke if they are lucky. I am done with extravagent birthday parties. This last one...baked salmon, cockle salad with samphire seaweed and tomatoes and avocado. The salad was appreciated. and then mojitos...but hey. enough. And one cake next year...not two. And the party bags....please...just be happy that you went to the party. Jacob, Nathaniel, Americk, Harvey, Joshua...Pamela Saffa a bit late..Tzidi, Jade. Veronique, Sarah, Lisa. Games, croquet, twister, badminton. fine formula. Definetly less stressed than last year.

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