Thursday, 15 July 2010

Technical difficulties

Electrical and electronic things not being my specialty... my camera needs a charge, but where is it?. The last time I saw it, it was coming back to life after a period of the date running and running until it beeped. This happened as I think a button was permanently pressed while it was in my purse. I don't like to look at my camera when it is broken so I put it in the bowl of miscellaneous things in the kitchen. I do need it today. Sometimes, I have found that with a broken laptop or camera, if you put it away for a week or a month depending on the damage, a little time alone in the dark will fix it.

The computer...this toyota is not loading very quickly. But I have so many songs and movies on the data base....not my idea...that it is all running on 19% of the memory which i hear is a strain. So I must get a terrabite I think it is called that will plug in as a remote memorty...or I could toss the whole computer out the window and start again. I would lose a lot of pictures though.

Ohh. Ben is shouting because he put stickers on my pyjamas last night and now, they are a little rumpled. And yesterday, |Tony accidently ran into soy latte woman and told her to choke on a chicken bone....not good. Wanted that chapter closed. But mended with a text and voice mail. Hard to apologise when people don't answer the phone.

Did have to stop painting last night as after a tea break, I came back and couldn't find the black I was using. I hope I can find it otherwise will have to switch to brown.

Looks like I must frame these paintings now. It is not an electrical challenge but it involves cutting matboard which involves finding a surface big enough to do that. I don't like cutting mat mounts. But I better just do it.

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