Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wow. Just very basic techinical things getting in the way. Looking for a straight edge. Could I use the bottom of the tv table. That is flat and metal. or...this bendy tape measure. but it's too thin. It reminds me of the ingenious things that Peter explained his cell mates could make. They did something with a bic pen to make a tattoo gun.

Peter's cellmate made a tattoo gun out of a bic pen and a sharpened bed spring.

Z... the healer, tattooed her wrist in honour of her mid life crisis.

There is a seven second space that keeps people guessing...those moments when the green man is neither green nor red.... Myself...I was always checking my watch. I'm so relieved that it's going to be addressed. It will add a few seconds to my day.

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