Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Flukee had a funny thing to say. He'd like to wait for retirement and then dish the dirt on all his employees in the form of a mass portrait. It's so stressful holding that in. He knows something about all of them....for example, the man who shagged the au pair in the shed during a garden party. Oh what a nice pair. I think it's possible to slip that in and change the name. Or he could have two versions...the nice one that says what a good tennis player Shedman is and the other version he can unveil at his retirement do. A commission in the works.

The mesh dress has trouble with wicker furniture. Limited engagements. Though the John Lewis movers wanted to give me their chairs. Veronique is seeing Naomi this week passing some of my work on to Paris. We had a long chat. We spoke about someone we are seeing today. Starting with a clean slate. Half a cake in the fridge and I fear it is going off if I don't pass it out today. More cat cups. A few times around the square. Haven't seen the Australian couple for a few weeks now. I hope they are alright. Fred and Norma. Set at 950...good start. And he didn't know that x used to have a string of foreign women looking after him while he painted. That was his formula for many years. Betty is back in Thailand for two months. Thailand for two months doesn't sound too bad.

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