Sunday, 6 January 2008

wish number ten

I think it's wish 10 that I have to move up a few notches. Let's put it in position eight for now, as I can go a few more months with the strange knocking downstairs--maybe I will develop some cello and piano to go with it. But it is a classical beat or more rock? I think more rock.....70's. sometimes sounding like fake DIY and at other times, sounding like a woman in a one bed band....Let's see....I'll start in the kitchen, bang on the door and ceiling alternating between the two, then I'll go in the hallway, open the airing cupboard and bang a few lines on the water heater, in the bedroom...knock knock knock with the soft end of the broom so that it's a quiet sweepy noise-almost pleasant. And if she doesn't knock back, I'll just keep knocking until she calls the noise patrol. Perhaps I should ring her and give her their number.

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