Thursday, 17 January 2008

World Tour Burnout

Chris Hansen is experiencing WTB.
World Tour Burnout.
Too many altruistic deeds in too many places.
Permaculture farming in Palma.
Passing out condoms to sex workers in Cuba.
Cycling for Cystic Fibrosis.
Gay Pride Marches in Israel.
Putting a roof on the Faerie Community in Tennessee.
Where to go next?
He's thinking of settling down.
How can he ever settle down
When there are so many emergencies in the world?
He's sent out a mass e-mail to all concerned
Asking those who know him best
To suggest a location.
A Virtual Vote.
There's an idea for a website....
Put your problem on the internet and then ask
Anonymous people to vote on a
I'll be a millionaire.
So he's thinking about it while he housesits
at his brother's in upstate New York
One of three VP's for Bayer Aspirin
And won't he be glad of his lifetime supply
With Christopher posing as gardener.

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