Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wish List

I'm compiling my wish list for 2008.It's going to be great, I can tell, as "8" rhymes with great.....and mate and date and "no wait" , "what an incredible fate" and "clean slate"....and "appreciate" and "not too late". Well my wishes are these:

1. My top ultimate wish. Must think as I don't want to squander it.
2. This is the runner up wish incase no.1 wish is impossible. Also need some time to contemplate. And it would be best kept secret.
3. This wish is for if wish 1 and 2 both fall through. In this case, I would be looking for a new genie. Just send me the compact umbrella with the company logo--the gift everyone gets who didn't win the Audi Roadster or the Cruise to Panama. Up Panama. Who wants to go there? Stuck in the locks for nine hours staring at cargo ships. Take me to Butlins...or is it Buttlins? Not sure of the spelling. Not sure if I want to go to Butlins.

Other wishes for 2008
1. Delete all the psychos from my speedial.
2. I want a silver toilet seat like the ones in Costa Coffee. Wow.
A royal experience for the common people. Where's my screwdriver?
3. Bulldoze the bedroom and extend into the neighbour's apartment.
4. Spend time at the hookah bar on Brick Lane.
5. An enhanced and enchanted social life.
6. Get flowers give cards
7. Invest more time in art making..have more shows. sell paintings.
8. Have a maid to clean the house so that I can invest more time in my art.
9. To be accident-free especially on the bike.
10. The death of a certain neighbour.
11. picnics and beach holidays

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