Friday, 18 January 2008

The One Day

The end of the day goes on and on.
The end of the day is the morning.
If the answer is always going to be yes
And you seem to know it
Trust myself, but not my spirit.
Sacrifice my morals for my soul
Something society stole.
The is and isn'tness of life.
How it is all intertwined.
I'll wander in the wind
Til the way finds me
Somewhere between never
Sometimes, and oneday.
A Sunday of somedays
Some sunny fine day.
When you haven't spoken all day.
I meet the life outside my door
And somehow it keeps me in line.
If I take refuge inside my house,
The weather blows me away.
It's the clouds that hold their rain
That billow in the sky
Turning blacker everyday
And sometimes it's one white sheet
Like the inside of a bubble
That lets nothing in and nothing out.

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