Monday, 14 January 2008

Lila at Hootananny's

I'm Lila The Ex-Pat Polish Princess.
You can also call me Princess Lila or just
My Princess.
However, as we are not that intimitate....
yet, Princess Lila is probably the more
Attractive option for now.
You...You are all drinking beer out of large glasses.
But where am I? Usually, I am surrounded
By long flutes of champagne or at least
goblets of wine.
A tip...
If you are so lucky to be invited to my
Impossibly beautiful and stately home,
Off Wood Green High Road
Peppoli 97... (Novanta sette) an Italian Chianti would be one of
a the many tokens of appreciation
I would appreciate from you for
my warm and most charming hospitality.
Also some trinkets.
This man...over there.
He has been fondling his packet of cigarettes all night.
You would think he could atleast do it under the table.
I suppose he does not have a girlfriend.
Or his girlfriend is so hot
That he has to fondle something when she is not there.
I must warn him, that is now public knowledge
That you can not smoke in a bar like this
Or a bar that is not like this...
Any bar in fact.
Quite similar to being married isn't it.
You can only smoke at home.
I risk the possibility of our future friendship
Being completely erased and destroyed
If he lights up.
As I will tell the management right away.

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