Thursday, 10 January 2008

True as Fact

Mike: "My son lives in a he's the mayor of the town. I live in a store, and my son, Andy, lives in a chicken coop. Joseph is the only one who owns a real house....and I'm a builder, so what went wrong?"

Andy: Hey. It's alright Dad. Who's complainin'? Out here, we use chickens for currency....which makes me ...the banker.

Mike: That's a good spin to put on it son. True as facts are. Now, I'll be tellin' people my son's a banker. If that ain't a step up, I don't have a ladder.

Andy: Rightly so... as you should. My nest is feathered. I'm even sellin' the eggs.

Mike: Well why don't we make it a family business and you can sell your eggs right here in the store?

Andy: Great idea Dad, but all my customers are local. That would confuse them. They buy the chickens and the eggs at the same time.

Mike: But wait a minute. I thought you said you got paid in chickens.

Andy: Oh no. That's chicken shit.

Mike: Never knew bankers to be honest.

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