Thursday, 29 November 2012

Things to work on with Ben

Bedtime hour and bedtime routine...bath, teeth brushing, dinner etc. story time. Actually, I asked two parents today what time P and S go to bed....sometimes 11! and L and R...around 10:30 or 11. Not good. Ben is looking tired today. He needs to go to bed at 8, but will compromise...8:30 latest 9. A hot bubble bath always calms him down. And if he is not in bed by 8, he will not get a story.
Homework....Got to be stricter with the homework and make a time when he does it. Otherwise, he will not get a weekend movie.
Need to print out the rules and put them on the fridge...back to star charts.
The donut thing.....He needs to learn the value of money. He has been talking about various careers. No to banking...he says that's boring. Possibly a pilot. or engineer....early days though. ha ha.
Need to make some Christmas biscuits and do a bake sale. He likes that.

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