Sunday, 25 November 2012


Bed wrestling, and pancakes. Let me see if I can pick your nose with my big toe Mum. No! Mind the finger. Sunday morning fun. Aeroplane, chinese acrobatics, fiesty boy. Popped into Pret on the milk run. A chat with Assam. Luckily, it can be told as an open and closed case. Should I tell Ben it's alright? It's weighing on his conscience. Where the heck is Oskar? I haven't seen him for a month. He's usually in his 'office' a few days a week. Laptop and latte. What happened to the population dynamics book? Blastman in Bournemouth for the weekend. Told Laundrette Man the donut story too. Laundrette man asks me to contact salty dog again. Still on the look out for tankers. Pity you can't buy them at Argos. He was away in Dubai when Old Salty passed through town end of October. Hmmm. Hmmm. Long chat last night....a booby bashing time.


Finally, I see Oskar. Catch up with coffee this morning and again tomorrow. A busy itinerary. Film guy today for a few hours sorting DVD's. He's teaching a Bond class. Misplaced Casino Royale. A find on the way home....a sporting goods store tossing out a 16 compartment rolling storage unit. No taxi would take it. But half way home, a lovely man called Ernest from Addison Lee asked me if I needed some help and gave me a lift home in his van. Nice to know there are some humans left in this city. He said that every woman is someone's daughter, wife, or lover. Nice thought. Back in touch with Raphael. Haven't spoken for over a year.


All day painting dinnerware plates 12 and 14 inches. A vase and a baby teapot for a woman who stipulates 'no orange'. An impromptu evening out to October Gallery with Kevin, Ben, and some friends to hear a debate about the Mayan Calendar, Timeline idea which was some bollocks created out a mathematical equation using the I ching. Best speaker was Daniel Pinch...something.... from NYC. He was more concerned with the real global issues of global warming, animal extinction, fish being depleted from the oceans and overpopulation. So the debate changed. Ben made up a rhyme afterwards....This Mayan thing....we aint gonna die....It's all pie in the sky.  Ha ha.


China painting again today. Bowl, vase, large cup. Keihriko was in. Her husband works hard as a sushi chef. No one wants to be a sushi chef anymore. Didn't realise it was such hard work. Wouldn't know. Chopping fish. Making small balls out of rice. Slicing up eels and mackeral and yellow tail. Had sushi tonight. Picture was a plonk. Wasn't recieved in the spirit I intended. Rude. Speeding down a dead end to nowhere. Long wait just got shorter. Think it's better not to begin. Terribly chilly these days. Tiring times.


Ben in a pooky mood. The I hate school mood. Hmmm. He says he misses Grandma. It's about twenty five days away. We bought her a card last night, but he hasn't written it. Alice and Roberto going to Puerto Rico. Us to Grandmaland. Christmas play on Wednesday so glad we won't miss it. More dinner plates today. A short swim, but the pool is so small. There were six people at one point and only three lanes. Bike still in Covent Garden. Hope it's still there. I better get it tomorrow. Santa show in Wales. Ran into the taxi lady in Waitrose while eating a deli pie. Swimming makes me hungry. I purchased a lot of tea. Tea binge, nice sea bass, maple syrup, gruyere. Stocking up for the winter. That whole donut thing last week....sigh of relief. Must get the dalek costume back.

Busy Weekend

Saturday an impromptu walk on the Heath with Sydney and Juliet...tree climbing, petting other people's dogs, throwing sticks, running in the mud, fresh air followed by hot chocolate and pizza and later on a fun time with Chris....dinner guest baked seabass and a game of rummikub. Sunday morning took the boys to see Tim Burton's movie Frankenweenie...very dark very enjoyable....a dead dog is brought back to life by lightening....a girl with a cat who has esp fortells the future by spelling it out in poo....a mad scientist too mad for the provincial town he teaches in called New Holland. Great. And then an awful sappy film about Jack Frost. I kept wanting the credits to roll. Subway....and an afternoon of swimming at Cally pool followed by a roast chicken dinner. Very active weekend with no time for the planned toy tidying as scheduled. Tomorrow! Ending the day with Jacques me quitte pas. Always love that song.


A run around Russell Square four times, then to Covent Garden to organize dvds. Made a roast beef and roast potatoes. John was in and out. Met Felice from Milano who is in need of someone to make up samples for Moda In. Possibly a new work colleague. He knows the drill. I used to sell textile designs there. Book sale today, but Ben has enough books and needs to do his homework. Dinnerware order for dinner plates and side dishes. In the china shop tomorrow all day after Buddhist chanting.

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