Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Mary Poppins Backpack

Lazare has just dropped by. We were both too exhausted to fill eachother in on recent happenings apart from the itunes story. Lazare. He does make me laugh. He stood there in the hallway with his black Russian fur hat, new swiss backpack, and tartan scarf pulling endless things out of his rucksack like a magician....all left by the customers at the bar where he works. "These British drink and they forget the coat they came in." The perks....a kindle this week and a few select beers which I guess were left by the bar. I've seen the place. Thirst. It's loud and overflowing with thirty somethings drinking eight pound cocktails that are 75% crushed ice. Best not go there if you're truly thirsty. And last night, it was five pounds to even get in, so we chose the fresh air instead and dropped by The Angel. The gay fashion designer/barrister with bleached blonde hair who reads the paper in there most evenings....he was there. Lisa went home in a hurry to finish a job application at 10:30?? as you do...and I made the most of my evening off from Ben. The bleached blonde barrister had left his work wig in a suitcase on the train....I suppose he can get away with his hairdo as he has to wear a wig in court. He asked after Clive. We had been in there after the guitar concert in the church. He is planning a Christmas cocktail party. I suggested a before and after home decorating do.  But the barrister's hair....I feel transported to the 80's in Milwaukee standing in line behind an underage drinker at an alternative bar. Whereas Clive's flat is perhaps 50's with an assortment of Adam's Family lampshades. Time travel.  

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