Monday, 5 November 2012

Practicing Scales

Practiced my flute today. Can even hit the a flat with finger broken. Not bad. Thought I'd take Ben out for a third evening of fireworks, but I think we've both had enough. Really do wish M would get a winter coat. It bothers me. Well. I look after my own son well enough. I don't think they realise they are neglecting him. Take some time out and do something with your child other than plonking him infront of the tv. It is sad.
He's now interested in making his own fish fingers. Master Chef Jr. That would be an improvement. The ones in the box are like rubber. Full days in the china shop this week stocking up for Christmas. Vases, teapots, mugs etc. Put about twenty tiles up on the 19th of October, but they are all down now. People knick them. Just a few remaining. Oil deal obviously not happening. Haven't seen him around. That was a funny five minutes....Antwerp, tanker MOT guy, yes....we're looking for LPG tankers...100,000 tonnes if you have them. I guess he'll be selling his laundrette soon if that goes through. Thank you very much for introducing us. Here...have a coffee.

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