Sunday, 29 June 2008

Decima Gallery Cowboy art fair

Decima Gallery Smeed road. Spiritwo was definetly the best act-a fantastic singer from Israel who has been in London for eight months...a punky, vocalist with lots of vitality. She had a long hair wig and used some fake blood in her act. Micalef read his anarchist poems, Gabriella, David West was squirting people randomly with his gun and also warning people not to shoot next to his Gilbert and George books. Oliver was there getting people to make a group painting. Margaret there wearing a glove and wondering if she was going to miss Dr. Who later that evening. Callum there but off to another gig on Mare street. A couple who dressed the same had on the same gray t-shirt and rumpled unironed suit. Max with his pirate look and rock and roll songs. Some belly dancers in silk dresses. a fab afternoon with lots of acts. I did Double Door Norma...not the best performance...ok.
I was having reservations about the long journey out to Hackney, but Kevin drove us there. Still, we got lost, but finally found it about 4pm. Ans stayed until 8. Ben had a great time with water guns. He was dressed in a cowboy outfit with sheriff badge, gun with hoster, belt, and hat.

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