Saturday, 21 June 2008

Birthday List

As Betty as asked Ben to marry her and he said yes, then I think Betty should be top of his brithday list. With the groom, Ben about to turn four and Betty, the bride, the older woman at five, I think the birthday party will come before the wedding.
1. Betty, sister, Dad
2. Americk and mum
3. Harry and Mum
*4. Levin, brother, other brother and mum
*5. Nathaniel, brother, other brother and mum Rachel
*6. Paul, Rose Elyse, and son
*7. Yasmin and Aisha
8. Jade and mum
*9. Pamela, Saffa, and Ferry
*10. Kevin and Kevin's mum
*11. Chris and Carlos
12. Julian'family x4
13. Rufus and parents
14. Organic Ann and her son Adam
15. Sally, her sister, and parents
16. Lenny and Jon and their dad
Maybe 40 people minus the no approximately 20.

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