Friday, 6 June 2008

Unhappy Chickens

A lady in the shop today was intrigued by the chickens. She wanted a rooster on a mug. So she lined up all the roosters to have a closer look. Upon inspection, she decided that one was too sad, one didn't look very thoughtful, (suddenly interrupted by a call from Grandma:tornados in Winnebago county), one looked angry. Don't you have any happy chickens?

I guess not. So she went without. Gareth turned and said, "There are people starving to death in the world." He was disgusted....but Gareth paints giraffes driving buses.

Another customer came in and told us about her work as a prison warden. She was overflowing the joys of her profession. And someone else is having a very elaborate birthday at Kew Palace which requires thirty plate hand-painted with Kew Palace on it. He is in the theatre business. Infact he owns the Palace Theatre and lives in the square here. His invitation looks more like an annual report....embossed paper, very thick card, Kew Palace set in sepia high contrast...

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