Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Double Door Norma At Decima

Hell. Dallaston Dalston same thing. Here we are in Dallas..ton. Kind a like Dallas but kind a not. Dalston. like Ralston ....Purina company...the dog food makers. Just an aside...just something I noticed. Ain't gonna win a prize for knowledge like that...I know.
Got one friend like thata....called Lynch....Steven Reginald Lynch. That man... he spend his whole life sitting on the john memorizing little facts about the world out of 50 cent paperback he got for his 21st birthday. He still on the first chapter.

He think it gonna save him one day....get into college, Win him a million dollars or get him on the right side of Lola's sister..... a date with her would set the world right for Reginald Lynch. She bar tends at Lola's on Tuesdays. He might get that....a date with Lola's sister...he might, but I don't think she's that bothered if he knows the length of the Zambezi or not. Who cares how long it is. Let's just call it a river and be done.

People who sit on the toilet and memorize facts about the world.....they pretty far removed from my social circle. I only know about or Of them. I don't want to know how many presidents there have been....or how many q-tips come in a regular container, who was the fourteenth person to sign the declaration of independence? Who cares about number 14....he dead now. He number 14.....wasn't the first, wasn't the last. Not too early, not too late. Sounds like I'm describing something else....my ex-husband.... oh and there he is now. What he doing in the audience? He's supposed to be down in the Zona Rosa....Mexico City. That's where we met..many yeees ago. He was working there.

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