Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Party Season

Living too fast to record it these days...months. Good times. I think things have picked up since November....since Chantal's party. I really thought it was going to be a sober occasion with tea and Tesco cakes, just a step up from a funeral after party, but no. It was more than that. It was nice to see people who I normally see in the park with their kids letting their hair down....and boy, do they have long hair. Perhaps the low point or high point depending on your vantage point was Chantal straddling a chair looking like something out of Flashdance shouting at the top of her lungs, "I want some cock. Give me some cock. " She doesn't remember that. Ben was home at that point. It started at seven. Chantal was already holding onto to people as they entered. Ben took it upon himself to be the doorman and escort guests from the elevator to her pad warning them that the host was already quite drunk, but not to be afraid. People were impressed with his diplomacy. There was someone who was into home schooling. She was so enamored with Ben.She wanted to know what school he went to as he was so articulate. Oh. How could the local school do such a good job with him? Come on. I don't expect the school to do everything for my son. There are the edges. I can't get over how people froth at the mouth to get their child into the right school. In my day, I went to the school nearest me. It was that simple. You live here....and so you will go to this school. No, this woman's child is still in a buggy and she is concerned about his high school education. Whatever statistics or figures I give her, they won't be relevant when it's time for him to go to high school. She continued to wax on. I was thinking in my head....'just shut the fuck up. You said it already fifteen times.', but being diplomatic like my son, I told her to 'just shut up.' It was so relieving. And TC high-fived me for that as I think I spoke for us all. 

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