Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Parsley Overload

Now, I have too much parsley. It's wilting on the kitchen counter. The market man on Marchmont Street gave me several bunches of parsley yesterday. I'm a good customer of his. He's a good guy. I always prefer to buy my produce from him. It is one tenth of the cost as well. He has bowls of mushrooms, courgettes, okra, tomatoes all for a pound. I could probably eat on ten pounds a week if I were vegetarian. I might give that a try. I have to make some pesto now. This is more rather than less stuff in my house. I'm always looking for somewhere to put things. Things move from A to B, then to C.....sometimes from A to C. The amount of things in the house and the space available in the house is a constant. The ratio has to change. If I can reduce the amount of things in the house, then I will not be in this ABC cycle. Simple math.

Now I have to reduce this giant pile of parsley. I also have to replace the loo roll holder which was torn off the wall at my party. I had to get the same exact loo roll holder as before as I do not know how to drill holes in the wall. The wall is too cement. It took all day just to get the loo roll holder as I had to go to Ikea for it which is the equivalent of flying to Spain it is so far. Then, once you are inside their maze, you become confused and end up buying alligator bathmats and orchids and things that were not on your list. By the time you have found the exit, you are lucky to escape with a bill under a hundred pounds. I did need a bathmat. It's upstairs. It's downstairs. Turn left after the blinds. I was getting in a frenzy to find the bathmat. It was in the miscellaneous section. I can tell you. A bathmat is not a miscellaneous item. It should be in the bath section.  Such a big store and only one bath mat to choose from. A green alligator. I would have been better off going to Argos.

It is also essential to find some new drawers for the bedroom. I take out the six drawers, bang the bottom back together with a meat tenderizing hammer. After a few days, it comes apart again. I can't even find my swimsuit. I would go for a swim otherwise. I have seen some ugly drawers which are very practical. It is to the point that we may have to choose content over style. Because Ben moved the bed and rearranged the furniture, we now can not get in the closet. I have forgotten what is in the closet. I recall some duvet covers and shoes. I may have about forty pairs of shoes. I can' seem to part with any of them. I have a whole wicker basket full of shoes. The shoes that I do wear are: the pink and blue Nike sports shoes and the Little black Spanish Camper boots, and the ugly felt Birkenstock mama clogs. I also have my steel heeled black leather skull boots and some annoying rubber wellies which rub my calves if I don't wear long enough socks.

Now Ben's bike tyre is down too. He rode through some glass. I saw the glass. I told him not to ride through it. He didn't believe me. It's true. If you ride through glass, you may end up with a flat tyre. I must take that to Leather Lane today. Meanwhile, I am taking him on the back of my bike with a pillow on the bike rack. There are many little details to take care of. These things take priority over painting cups.

And I heard from Theodora in Siena. They have a race horse farm there. We stayed with them a few years ago and I painted her some special cups with all the names of her favourite race horses and trainers. She loved it. We had the same bathmat too. I thought of her as I was replacing my bathmat the other day. They had one bedroom which was reserved for the chickens. The chickens like to come in at night and kip on the sofa. We had a great time. They had had a flood the week before we arrived. Ben helped them chop up some trees that had downed. Made a bonfire. He was loving it. Bringing feed to the horses and chopping wood. We meant to go back sooner rather than later. We also picked up their copy of Gone Girl and read it at night. Great book. And we found cay in the riverbed and made horse heads out of it.

Theodora wants some more cups....Twenty cups this time to go with their new project taking on cows. She wrote to Josie. Of course she's going to write to the shop as I gave her the card. Josie has to be nasty as say....'these people are under the impression that this is your shop. Why do you tell people this? ' No. I don't tell people it is my shop. I tell them that I work there. Everything has to be nasty. She wants to charge them £35 per cup for 20 cups. Outrageous. They are £19. Special commissions are not even £35. It's time. It is time to get my kiln working or to get a smaller new kiln. So rude to me. I only go there because I like to paint. I certainly don't go there for the money. Even the cashier makes more money in a day than I do if that were my only income. I'd have to sell nine cups in order to make the equivalent that the cashier gets in one day. What's the point?

Two electricians. One says he is going to get a temperature guage and fit it for me. Then after a few cups of tea, it's going to be payment by _______. 'What do you do for sex?' How can somebody be that blunt? It's like asking someone where they buy their groceries. It was sounding like a transaction. I'd be happy to pay him, not with my body. I can't believe someone who I have been in conversation with for how many months? Can't do it. Then another guy is knocking on the door....I heard you needed an electrician. First, I said no as I didn't want him in my house. Then, when I did say yes, oh yeah. Anything at all madam. I'll be up there straight away. I hardly know him. And he didn't come yesterday to look at the dishwasher. I better look on gumtree if I really want this done.

More declutterring. The Ocean of Life is drying out. I found it in Ben's lunch bag with some rotting pears and half an avocado. A signed copy by Callum Roberts who gave a talk at the RGS a year or two ago. I suppose it's appropriate that that book got so wet. 

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