Monday, 9 November 2015

My 500 Friends

My 500 Friends who I've known so long.
You are all so dear.
Let me sing you this song.
You can imagine it as a tune.
You can listen to u-tube while you read it.

Add Friend and Unfriend
We laugh, we cry, the end.
Twas a short and sweet
Emotional spend
as tidy as a tweet.

Spell me wrong words that make me feel right.
I'll look over them again tonight.
U an I

We follow and unfollow
Though we walk no where together
It's a place we've both been
Though you don't have to be there
to be seen.

Down country lanes
And under trees
Will you text me please?
I'll google the location
I'll meet you at the station.
Just send me a pic of that meadow.
No need to pack a picnic.
Let's pretend.
We had a sandwich there.
Under that tree.
Of February.

If we can see the whole world by only sitting in one place,
The crashes and the bombs and the poly tickle race...
If we can know all this without moving,
How are we improving?

After all that information,
You might send a box of clothes to Greece
Or you might need to vomit or shower or go home
like the luggage check people who view 5000 suitcases an hour.

Friend and unfriend, send and unsend
Our social verbs.
Our exercise with limited muscle movement.
The less muscle movement required, the more you get done, the more you can type.
The more you type, the more grief you no no.
The more friends you have....sorry...correction.
More typing equals more friends.

We are socializing without even having to step out the door.
What's more convenient than staring at a screen
And thinking that you are on the scene?

There are pictures of far away places that we'll never go to.
I was in Antarctica today followed by twenty facts.  I didn't notice the weather.
There wasn't much change. There was an Argentinian boy born there in 1979.

The lifespan of a social spend. Not a coffee. Not a friend.
Sober Pretender
Grab your friends by the hand.....all 500 of them.
I challenge you to recall even 50 of their names.

Our moods are tracked by graphs that say
How many people were here today.
Here today? But they were at home.
I have no doorbell anyway...Just wires.
If you know how to hotwire a car,
you can rub the two ends together
And my bell will go off.
Or just knock.

U and I
Only two letters
Better and more better.

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