Thursday, 9 December 2010


1. BG summer Rufi, Lazare, the three bed house by the sea, the abandoned soap factories, the stairs to her bedroom, the bikinis she sews, what her husband said...girls are not the same as boys...he shook his head, his wife had just cooked us all a meal and he insults his daughter like that...unverified human being. Rila Monastery, a monk selling icecream

2. Hang Moon A monk with a large sterile room in it a large stereo the size of a queen sized bed, we drove down to Chong Yang or Chang Chung or something like that, her driver with his white gloves on leaving us there. I didn't know we were visiting a monastery, so had a beer in the restaurant before hand. She was upset that Hang moon had acquired a stereo.

3. Moon. his first and last name. a dog and a hairdryer in a living room otherwise known as a gas station. Parent's greasy spoon--empty bowl for him as he preferred a studio to an office. shake down under bridge in Paris by police as he had not changed his clothes in a while. An oasis in the desert where he painted a mural. Finally shot in a hotel room in New York still under thirty. The last time I saw him, I had just bought my ticket to Korea. He was just back from Paris. We had some soup in his parents' diner.

4. Hawaii. Lemon Road. The woman from Thailand selling weetabix and herbalife. the GI who stole her wallet after a shower. The Mauri lady who spent six months a year in Hawaii and six months back home. Peter Gautschi. the head of Swiss Bel Hotel. I met in the LA airport. He had on a long coat, but it was sunny. We shared some evenings in Hawaii.

5. The sauna in Pyongak...teacher training. Pet rabbit. Marco..soup, office slumberparty, car with diplomatic plates, Indian ambassador, Ronka Olufunwa, Queen Bee...the daughter of the minister of Defense, Riski,

6. On the topic of monks...a chapter. South Korea, Hang Moon, San Fransisco, Running Grass, OK> a short carpet ride. I've only know two monks...three if you count Lucky Guru.

7. The Richard crew: Gabriella, Prada Man, Hovis Bean, fuzzy hair gerry and his jag, Diana, Veronique, Calum Kerr, Noid man Jan Maat,

8. Napoli, I'd sweep her off her feet if I didn't have this broom, Octopussy, Farfalla, The Peruvian drug dealer of Secondigliano driving his neighbor's ferrari up Mt. Vesuvious, The daughter of the Minister of War, not finding her car although it was parked outside.

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