Saturday, 11 December 2010

Do List

1. The flat tidier. A daily ongoing toy clean up etc.
2. Run in the park x times a week.
3. The petals at Mary Ward
4. The 1A Monday night ceramics 9th of Jan.
5. After Karate is Chi class. new for me.
6. tax evaluation
7. Nova Scoatia
8. massive drawer rescue.
9. Back to collage book sentimental things plus glue=organized life
10. More collage on canvas, collage portraits like man in hallway=show
11. website+working camera+uploader+new computer= better web prescence of art essential
12. gently switch to school dinners...helps to be on time.
13. uniform laid out the night before
14. work on setting bedtime routine-bath bedtime story
15. Betty Liebovich
16. Social Suicide...return what is left of croquet set...and enter t-shirt designs
17. April plans for Mum's visit...a house swap or Spain or something.
18. Tell the art gallery in Bulgaria that you are not coming.
19. Get new smart card
20. Get new mobile phone

This year? New Kitchen, new bathroom, own tiles, Valencia, Paris, Versaille wedding, groin injury, John and Shilan. lots of DIy New tv, rearrangement of living room, watch stopped the one from Aosta...favourite watch. art shows...Oblong Gallery-funny Miniscule, Croatia-Mum and child show, Lambs Condor....too conservative portraits nowhere
Galleries I would like to show at....put art book in Tate Modern artist book collection, Victoria Miro, Small gallery in Soho...forgot the name of it, The scene painting gallery friends of Josie. work small perhaps in litho or silkscreen,

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