Monday, 6 December 2010

Need a break from breakfast

Begin with a good book for breakfast. Passing Warner Brothers stuck there, turn around to see the sign. The shield. The Harry Potter Shield. Revolving door. Marble floor. Slip on computer skills. Smoking break once some time ago. chat with the workers outside. What goes on in there? Top secrets. We make hats with Tweety on. Post production products. All the detritus that parents are plagued with after they've taken their kid to the movie...but oh mum...I want the figurine. --animation programs, flash, photoshop, etc. I have taken all I can take of photoshop--chainsaw to the brain. Sunk in when I took HTML but otherwise, drawing blank pages with computers. Get skills? Bother to get some skills.Try forwarding a cv--don't even need a stamp it's next door. Otherwise end up at Tesco passing chickens over the barcode. Painting butter dishes--the payment melts me. I do enjoy it though. Lint in the crack of his buttocks. oil. Not bad. Anthony. He bought a painting. Encouraging it was. Fence walking. Another ad? Phone is off. X quid in the bank....last year's balance so different from today's? I hate that sound of scraping burn off a pan. I prefer to soak it. As if I overspend. Remember one or two purchases that wiped me out. Two pair of shoes. Two trips to Paris. One would have been enough. Even got help from my mother to fund. Hate Disneyland . The universal measure of nuclear family cohesion. The happy family eating candy floss at four euros a stick. Hamburgers fifteen euros. Ben found a toy in the gift shop. Couldn't afford it. It made him happy. What is money if you don't have it. Are they thieves? Ofcourse they are and so is Disneyland. I did buy him a bowl and it broke a week later during breakfast. Tears. Slammed the bowl in the bin. He took it out. Glue it Mum. Please glue it. No a bad case of feng shui. Cracks ....Can't eat out of a broken soul. My bowls are nice. But no one easts my food. What a fool urgent thing. Funny how it glowed upon my Semens cooker shiny.
The doorbell will go soon. Sandman comes to change his clothes. Coffee and the undertow of his woes.

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