Saturday, 4 December 2010

Canal, Cinema

A lovely long day as usual starting with the cinema. This film..two chipmunks or squirrels. I didn't catch any of it. Vomiting twice from the breakfast. Sam off to get his charger. Hannah off to Camden Market. Both of them looking at me as if I'm supposed to supply breakfast. Feel like a hotelier. This daughter of friends of friends I haven't seen for fifteen years hasn't even offered to buy a pint of milk and she's been here for five days. It's not my place to tell her how to be a guest. Nevermind. I say this everytime...I need to put up some bloody house rules.
After the film, the chapel street market. Ben gets lost in a jewelery store. The police write him a citation for wandering off and it works for a while...he holds my hand. A wander along the canal. Leaves falling into the water, some falling on the ice. Ben asks if he can tread on the ice. I say no. He would fall through. We do a stick test. Some sticks fall in... some sticks break through the ice. I explain that in a few weeks' time, he can walk on the lake at Rock Cut State Park. Even go ice fishing if he has a drill and a tent. Old man used to take a camping stove and a six pack and head up north to Wisconsin with his hunter friends for winter sports...sitting down sports.
Sleigh bells ring...are you listening? All it is.
Longboats, Chunky chihuahuas at McDonalds. Two parents yelling India India...then realise it is their daughter. five postcards on his kitchen door. Not speaking to me for a week now since seeing sam pass out the front door. No lunch, no dinner, no bringing breakfast actimel. And the replacement for that? can't even show up with a bus pass. Ain't worth it. At least Tony doesn't take his anger out on Ben. It's just me he ignores. Come on're over seventy and you can barely speak English.

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