Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Three mobile is crap

My negative experience with 3 Mobile:

I found out recently that they have been charging me for an old number I had with them(which I thought was cancelled as it was stolen) and sending the bill to my old address. Although they agree that there has been no usage on the bill for over a year, they are not going to reimburse me money that has been direct debited from my account. As I had another contract with three, I did not query the direct debit until now. This is very unfair. They are a large company with millions of pounds and they don't want to reimburse me for line rental on a phone that has not been used for over a year, a bill not even gonig to my current address....Please. Don't get a 3 phone. That's my only come back.

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Crispin said...

because you paid by direct debit you can always just ask your bank to return the money which they have to do under the direct debit rules; however, you should only do that if you think that you actually told them the phone had been stolen or cancelled the phone or if you told them of your change of address and they failed to redirect the bill as otherwise they could seek to collect the debt in anycase