Monday, 21 July 2008


Found three 2 by 3 foot stretcher bars today on the way back from taking Ben to school. Painted in the china shop. Some cups with cars on. I have sold out. ANd a striped cup. Chatting with Diana Leary who makes the dandelion plates. Certain paint for porcelain. another paint for bone china. And Royal Doulton has moved their factory to China recently, so this is why we have a shortage of vases to paint, as they are not in the mood to ship their excess seconds...large vases overseas anymore. so have to find another source for the bone china. I think it is a shame. Everything is made in China. The big dragon will come and bite us in the ass one day...infact they are already feasting.
Ben has put his underpants on sideways this afternoon....after a dip in the paddling pool. And was quite comfy up until a moment ago. Margaret has pressed purchase and is going to see us in Spain, but is flying into another destination...not Barcelona or Girona. Oh well. We will be in the same country.
Mum recieved the school tea towel today. Ben is featured three times as I was in charge of having it done. It is two weeks until we go away. Tiem flying. Julia was here with us today at school and in the park. She was telling of her six weeks around Italy when Ben interrupted. Matilda's mother has called her other daughter Eleanor. (Lisa) They are both names that my Grandma Adilaide used to mention when she talked about her bridge club. I must download Ben's highchair onto her this week. Or it goes to oxfam.
Adam's party is Saturday in Regents Park. Plumber cancelled today but will come tomorrow. Oscar phoned over the weekend. He is still gearing up for the football conference in Istanbul. I will talk with him tomorrow and catch up. He has been in China, Argentina, and Switzerland arranging it.
I missed aqua jazz tonight. I will have to swim tomorrow. I swam on Saturday and steamed. It was really what I needed. Serpentine had an opening tonight. Would have been nice, but Ben fell asleep early.

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