Monday, 10 December 2012

To Do

1. Find shed keys....get suitcase and drill. (not happening....shed keys will appear when they want to)
2. Return Nexus tablet (Monday at 12:30 after 11:00 Camden meeting....back home for student 1:30)
3. more teapots (not essential)
4. Present shopping (tea, ???)
5. Post keys to Ca. express overnight (done)
6. Oxfam shop with shed contents (done)
7. Excess art remnants to Calthorpe (done)
8. Basic de-cluttering (not done)
9. Contact tile gallery man (done x 3)
10. Contact tanker man (not done)
11. Contact E. Gluckstein (done)

Not done is:
1. shed keys
2. Nexus tablet
3. presents
4. tidy
5. take dress to tailor on Monday about 2:30

Clean bird cage and under the kiln on the balcony with power washer
basic bathroom clean
living room...possibly throw out some videos...put excess computer in closet
put tardis away....takes up massses of counter space


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